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Would you like to earn money while doing something you love?  Do you want a discount on all your Stampin’ Up! products?  Are you wanting to meet new crafting friends?  Then why not join my team and become an independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator?!

I have been a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator for over 12 years.  Like many, I started out as a hobby demonstrator but eventually decided I wanted more so I am building my business and I would love for you to join my team!   My team is currently small, but that means I have more time to dedicate to helping and supporting YOU. My aim is to support each team member in the ways that suit them best.  Whether you need weekly check-ins to keep you on track and help you achieve your goals, or just want to catch up with the team to craft and chat, I’m here to help.

Reasons to Join


  • Get 20%–25% off all Stampin’ Up! products.
  • Ability to order new products before customers
  • Earn additional income based on your sales and team building—just how much extra income is up to you.
  • Set your own schedule and put in as much (or as little) time as you’d like.
  • Get support through online training resources, events, and a demonstrator-only online community with thousands of project ideas.
  • Attend awesome events along with hundreds of other demonstrators, where you will get to see and learn about new products before anyone else, attend business training sessions, create make & takes using new products and meet hundreds of like-minded demonstrators
  • Chance to learn creative tips and techniques, share ideas, and come into contact with new friends who love papercrafting as much as you do!

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a demonstrator.  If you have a question that isn’t answered below, or you want to chat more about joining, please get in touch


I just want the discount, can I still join?

Absolutely! All you need to do is meet your quarterly minimum.  Stampin’ Up! supports all demonstrators in the same way regardless of how big or small their business and I will provide you with whatever level of support you require. There are many demonstrators who remain active purely from their own orders. There is no requirement to hold workshops or classes or to build a team.

What will I do as a demonstrator?

That’s entirely up to you! You will share your love of paper crafting, with others… You can do this through running  workshops, classes and/or events, face-to-face or online. You can create and share (or sell) tutorials, run a YouTube channel, run Facebook Live videos and more. You can sell your finished creations at markets, online or even at local stores.  If you choose to, you can also build a team and help others enjoy the fun of running their own Stampin’ Up! business.

What training and support is provided?

Absolutely! My aim is to provide you with the help, training and support that you need –  it might be face to face or online, it might be weekly check-ins or less frequent catch ups. I’m here to help, no matter how much or how little you need or want.  There is also plenty of support and training provided by Stampin’ Up! There are plenty of online resources available, plus the live events provide a fantastic opportunity not just for training, but also to catch up with your fellow demonstrators and have a ton of fun!

Some of the benefits provided by Stampin’ Up! include:

1. A password protected demonstrator website which has heaps of resources, pattern and template libraries, stacks of training videos  and online ordering.

2. A friendly and super-helpful  Demonstrator Support team that you can call or email for assistance.

3. An achievable incentive program for income and awards if you choose to aspire to them.

These results require significant work and are accomplished by a substantially small percentage of Stampin’ Up! demonstrators.

4. Exclusive Stampin’ Up! merchandise that you can order

Can I actually make money as a demonstrator?

Yes! You will receive at least 20% of all your customers’ orders (excluding GST). There is also the potential to  earn additional income through volume rebates once your monthly sales reach a certain level, as well as team commissions if you decide to build a team.  There are many other ways you can earn money, including  paid classes, creating and selling project tutorials, selling finished cards at markets or in local stores… it’s up to you!

Do I have to recruit other demonstrators?

Not at all. Building a team is not a requirement, it is a perk – we have the opportunity to earn a commission based on our team members’ sales as well as the fun of sharing our passion with a team! It also gives you the opportunity to build leadership skills as  you will need to support your team and give them training to help them achieve their goals. But of course, I’m here to help with that too and your team members are welcome at any team events I hold.

What are the minimum sales requirements?

To stay active as a demonstrator you will need to sell a minimum of ~$470 (300 CSV) per quarter. Most demonstrators find that this goal can be reached in one or two workshops per quarter – or with their own purchases.

Do I have to hold stocks of product?

No! In fact, there are very few products that you are allowed to hold stock of.  You will only order items when someone places and pays for an order. This means there is no risk – you cannot lose money on unsold stock.

How much does it cost to get started?

The Starter Kit is only $169 for $235 worth of products PLUS $80 worth of business supplies AND free shipping – easily the best deal in the catalogue! This kit is fully customisable – you can choose anything you want from the current catalogues.

What if I decide it’s not for me once I’ve started? Do I have to return anything or pay extra?

NO!  If you don’t meet the minimum quarterly requirement, you will simply “drop” —no penalties, nothing to return. If you are at risk of dropping at the end of a quarter, I will check in to make sure you are okay and ask if I can help, but if you’ve decided to finish that’s absolutely fine.

What kind of incentives will I receive as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator?

• As a new demonstrator, you will have the opportunity to earn free stamp sets during your first 6 months for your sales and recruiting.

• All your personal (demonstrator) orders are eligible for hostess rewards.

• You can work to achieve the annual incentive trip, recent trips have been all expenses paid 7 day cruises in the Med, Alaska or Caribbean and holidays to Hawaii or Greece!  Although it requires hard work and dedication to achieve, Stampin’ Up! gives you five ways to earn it through sales and promotions of your team, so it is achievable!

These results require significant work and are accomplished by a substantially small percentage of Stampin’ Up! demonstrators.
Fewer than 1% of Stampin’ Up!’s demonstrators worldwide achieve this result.
The statements published here are not representative of the typical Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.

Where do I get ideas for my workshops or classes?

There are HEAPS of resources available to demonstrators to help with ideas for workshops and classes.  Stampin’ Up! provides many resources for demonstrators, including the Stampin’ Up! catalogues, a fantastic demonstrator-only website for  and much more.  You will also have my help and support, to assist with ideas and planning for your classes and workshops.

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